What is Organic SEO?

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Organic SEO is the Process of Improving the website visibility naturally on Search Engine Free or UN-paid Search Engine Search Results. Google and the other Major search engines rank websites in search results pages according to most relevance to the search terms. This relevance is calculated by looking at both ON-Page Factors and OFF-Page Factors of your website.

Natural SEO keeps your web page appearing on the search engine for years because your web page gives the Search Bots exactly what they want. Relevancy is something you cannot obtain by “tricks” or by paying for it. You can only be appropriate by being relevant, and that means, consistently building articles that people want to find and Read. Provided that you guarantee Original articles, other similar link to you, and the Search Engine love your web page for that.

 Organic SEO is the process by which a website marketed in such a way that it is placed highest in search engines results. Each Search engines will rate/grade your web page and give you a ranking that can be converted into ‘votes’.  There are 200+ factor works for rank any website on search engine results.

How Organic SEO Works? 

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